Five Halloween Books for Kids!

Halloween is such a fun time. There are so many fun activities to do and obviously, kids love the holiday! Halloween is one of my favourite experiences as a teacher and I love sharing reading with them, especially around different holidays. It shows them that reading can be fun, and Halloween books definitely help to show this!

2018 Monthly Calendar | A Free Printable

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today I have a very different post for you. But, I'm extremely excited for it! I am an incredibly organized person. Is it because I'm a teacher? Quite possibly. But to be honest, I have always been an organized person. I love planners, stationary, stickers, and trackers! I'm an old-fashion pen and paper girl and I love writing things…

Indigo Book Box | October 2018

Today I have a different post for you all - one that talks about the Indigo Book Box!! I really like the idea of subscription boxes. The idea of receiving a new book every month with lots of little goodies is exciting! But since I live in Canada, I can't justify paying American prices and shipping just for a new…