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Today’s Fall for Anne post is super exciting! I’ll be reviewing the Anne Inspired Board Books by Kelly Hill. They’re perfect for toddlers and their teeny, tiny hands. They each teach young kids important aspects of life. And – they each introduce early readers to the world of Anne of Green Gables. What could be more perfect than that?

Before chatting about these books, I wanted to thank Penguin Canada and Tundra Books for sending me a copy of Anne’s Alphabet to review. The other books in this series were purchased by me!

Anne's Alphabet by Kelly Hill - The Contented Reader
Anne's Feelings by Kelly Hill - The Contented Reader
Anne's Colours by Kelly Hill - The Contented Reader
Anne's Numbers by Kelly Hill - The Contented Reader


These Anne inspired board books are entertaining and educational. And oh so cute!

Anne’s Alphabet introduces early readers to their alphabet with references to the original story. Early readers learn their alphabet and new words such as A is for Anne and O is for Orchard. This is especially the case when paired with the amazing embroidered illustrations.

Anne’s Colours introduces early readers to their colours. With pages on orange braids and pink cheeks, early readers are quickly introduced to classic aspects of the original story.

Anne’s Numbers introduces early readers to counting and numbers. From 1 cherry tree to 10 friends, early readers learn their numbers and understand things Anne loves.

Anne’s Feelings introduces early readers to their own feelings as well as Anne’s. From Anne being hopeful when she’s adopted to being angry when Gilbert tugs her hair, early readers learn how to feel and express themselves!

Each of these books are absolutely adorable. The embroidery illustrations are incredible and such a unique twist. It’s a great touch to a fantastic introductory series to Anne.

The board book format makes this perfect for toddler hands and is easy for parents to read to their children. Kids are able to turn the pages themselves, which makes for a fun experience!

As a teacher, I absolutely love that these books are educational. Early readers are constantly learning things such as their colours and numbers. By introducing them to these concepts as well as a classic novel, it makes for a perfect combination!

About The Author

Kelly Hill, whose middle name is Ann-with-an-E, is an award-winning book designer. She does all kinds of crafting; the illustrations for this book are a combination of sewing and embroidery. Kelly lives near Eugenia, Ontario with her husband and two daughters.

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