ARCstravaganza #2 – Royals!

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s the start of a fresh new week and here in Canada, it’s a long weekend! Today we are celebrating Victoria Day, which means, no work for me!

Having the day off means extra reading time and that makes me super excited! That being said, I graduate on Wednesday so I’m getting prepared for that, and I’m leaving for Florida on Friday for a two week vacation. The extra time this weekend will be super helpful in planning and organizing everything.

For those unfamiliar, ARCstravaganza was a weekly meme created by Krysti at YA and Wine and hosted by her and Sarah at The Clever Reader. They had to let the meme go because of personal reasons but Flavia at Flavia the Bibliophile decided to continue hosting it! The meme allows book bloggers to highlight and discuss ARCs that they received!

Today’s book is one that was released at the beginning of the month, but I haven’t had the opportunity to read the book yet! I figured with the Royal Wedding that happened this past Saturday, that it was a fitting ARC to feature! Plus, it will remind me that it really is time to start reading it – it looks like a great read.

Royals by Rachel Hawkins

Publisher: G.P Putnam & Sons for Young Readers | Release: May 1st, 2018

Thank you so much to Penguin Random House Canada for sending this book along! I really can’t wait to get to it – especially having watched the Royal Wedding this past weekend.


Meet Daisy Winters. She’s an offbeat sixteen-year-old Floridian with mermaid-red hair; a part time job at a bootleg Walmart, and a perfect older sister who’s nearly engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland. Daisy has no desire to live in the spotlight, but relentless tabloid attention forces her to join Ellie at the relative seclusion of the castle across the pond.

While the dashing young Miles has been appointed to teach Daisy the ropes of being regal, the prince’s roguish younger brother kicks up scandal wherever he goes, and tries his best to take Daisy along for the ride. The crown–and the intriguing Miles–might be trying to make Daisy into a lady . . . but Daisy may just rewrite the royal rulebook to suit herself.

About the Author:

Rachel Hawkins was born in Virginia and raised in Alabama. This means she uses words like “y’all” and “fixin'” a lot, and considers anything under 60 degrees to be borderline Arctic. Before deciding to write books about kissing and fire (and sometimes kissing while on fire), Rachel taught high school English for 3 years, and is still capable of teaching you The Canterbury Tales if you’re into that kind of thing.

She is married to a geologist, which means that they have incredibly strange dinner conversations (“So today at work, I wrote a chapter where killer fog, like, ATE PEOPLE.” “Huh. Well, I was chased by an angry reindeer while trying to map parts of Norway.” “Um…okay.”)

Rachel also has a little boy whose main hobbies are playing video games, running around in circles, and plotting his Future Intergalactic Take-Over.

When not writing books, Rachel enjoys reading, travelling, and knitting (very terribly.)

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