My Top 5 Favourite BookTubers!

It’s awesome to be able to read book reviews. There is something about the written word that not only is able to capture its reader when in book form, but reviews can also achieve this goal. Whether those reviews are about movies, music or books, it’s amazing that words can capture the attention of readers and inspire others.

But, in an age where technology is rapidly rising, it’s cool that these reviews can take other forms. One of my favourite ways to hear someone’s thoughts on a book is by watching reviews on YouTube! So today, I thought I would compile a top five list of my favourite “Booktubers” to watch. Without further rambling check out what I like to watch (please note that these are in no particular order).

A Clockwork Reader 

Hannah from the channel, A Clockwork Reader, is a favourite of mine to watch. Not only does she have great taste in books, but she is so eloquent in the way in which she talks about them. I find her to be extremely relaxing to watch and I can easily be made to watch several videos in one sitting because of my curiosities of her thoughts. She is also very successful in persuading me to try different books that I may not have originally picked up, and I think that is an awesome ability.

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Hailey in Bookland

Hailey from the channel, Hailey in Bookland, is another great Booktuber to watch. She is so bubbly and it’s easy to become drawn in by her personality. I’m totally biased because she is a fellow Canadian, but it’s so refreshing to hear someone’s thoughts about a book – especially when they live in the same province / country as you. It almost gives you the feeling of knowing them in real life. Lately, I’ve really been enjoying her vlogs where she discusses the process of writing her own novel! Her bookshelves (which are typically in the back of her videos) are one’s to admire and are definitely a dream for me to have one day!

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Read by Zoe

Zoe from the channel, Read by Zoe, is so spunky and her energy is so contagious! She has a way with her words and laughter that not only draws you to her channel and videos but also draws you to the books that she’s talking about. Some of my favourite videos to watch are her 24-hour readathon vlogs. It’s always fun to see what she’s able to accomplish in 24-hours and the way in which she compiles other activities along with reading. I also really love that her dad shares a love of reading young adult books and that they’re able to share thoughts about these books. I don’t think I could ever get my dad to read young books, ha!

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Emma from the channel, Emmmabooks, is so easy to watch. She is extremely knowledgeable about several topics and this totally comes across in the wide range of books she discusses on her channel. I also love that she’s extremely outspoken about mental health issues, to which she has a dedicated YouTube channel for the topic. Since I’m a huge fan of Cassandra Clare, I also love that she is as well. I love watching her videos about Shadowhunters and her bookshelf tours that show off all her unique Shadowhunter merchandise and multiple versions of Cassandra Clare’s books.

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Heather from the channel, Bookables, is one of the first BookTube channels I stumbled across.  She quickly became a favourite of mine. I love that she has such diverse reading tastes and it makes me more curious about reading different genres. That being said, she still has a distinct love for young adult books and there is a fair share of book reviews and book related content on her channel for those interested in YA. But I find her review of adult books and discussions of other book genres are just as good! She’s full of personality and extremely captivating!

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Well! Those are some of my favourite BookTubers! Who are yours? Leave some channels in the comments below that you think I should check out! 🙂

Victoria @ The Contented Reader

Victoria @ The Contented Reader

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