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A Prom to Remember by Sandy Hall (ARC)

Publisher: Swoon Reads | Pages: 320

Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary

Release Date: April 24th, 2018

Rating: ★★★☆☆

The publisher kindly sent me a physical copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 


Seven seniors, seven problems, one senior prom.

Cora: Head of the Prom Committee (and basically every other club in school). Has been dating Perfect Boyfriend Jamie for approximately forever, and has NO IDEA how to break up with him …

Paisley: Sarcastic feminist who wants nothing to do with prom. Has somehow managed to nominate her anxiety-ridden best friend for prom king …

Henry: Quiet ballplayer who hates social situations. Invited to prom by the most popular girl in school. SEND HELP!

Otis: Charming, popular, and one half of one of the cutest couples in his class. Doesn’t know how to tell his boyfriend that he’s not quite ready for a post-prom hotel room experience …

Lizzie: A little bit shy, and a lot excited to finally get out of her comfort zone and go to prom. With a boy. Whose name she doesn’t know.

Cameron: Loner with two jobs and zero friends. Is so done with high school and this whole town: the only thing she still wants to do is meet the mysterious girl who’s been leaving him notes …

Jacinta: Unnamed Nerd Girl #3. Determined to become the star of her own life, starting with prom. Now if only she could find a date …

A prom to remember, the newest book from Sandy Hall, is a funny and cinematic look at the biggest dance of every high schooler’s life.


When I first heard about this book, it automatically reminded me of the Disney movie Prom. Anyone remember that movie? It was a super cute movie that followed several teens and their experience with their high school prom – from finding dates, to rejection, to having the night of their lives.

The publisher kindly sent me a copy of this book to review and I was really excited for an easy-going contemporary read. Contemporary young adult novels are one’s I always fall back on, especially when in a reading slump, because they’re simple and are usually guaranteed to be a fun read.

This book was no different. It was a complete mix of the Disney movie Prom and the movie Love, Actually (which happens to be a favourite of mine!). It was a quick and easy read that helped to showcase the difficulties of high school but also the nostalgic pull that most people feel towards the end of the experience.

Hall’s writing was enjoyable and humourous. She also made it seem as though writing was natural and easy to do (which for me, is not that easy).  The characters were so lovable. Each one highlighted different high school problems and situations while also seemingly linked to each other, even though they did not all know each other. My favourite characters in this novel were Lizzie, Cameron and Otis. While all the characters interested me, it was something about the storylines of these characters that really drew me in. I was inwardly rooting for them throughout the novel. I also enjoyed their perspectives – since each chapter was written from each character’s experience.

A perfect coming of age story that envelopes problems that every high school student deems to be the end of the world while also emphasizing the fact that prom, is a night that everyone wants to remember. And for most people, it brings to light that high school is truly ending and the future is beginning.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for something quick and easy to read and those looking for characters who are easy to fall in love with.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

About the Author:

Sandy Hall is the author of A Little Something Different, Signs Point to Yes, and Here All Along. She has a Master of Library and Information Science from Rutgers University. After spending several years as a teen librarian, she decided to try writing books instead of just reading books. It worked out pretty well. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys Netflix marathons, Broadway shows, taking long scrolls through Tumblr, and living in New Jersey.

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  • […] Spoiler alert: I’ve already read this book and it was a great read. Such a cute read and the characters were so enjoyable. It was a great coming of age story that gave me all the nostalgic feels of high school – read my review here! […]

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